Art Lab 2
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Deadline: June 30

When August 8
Where Vilvoorde, Belgium
Result The Lab offers an engaged moment facilitating in-depth discussion, collective reflection, the sharing of resources and generous feedback on your own activities from invited experts.
Coaches Dieter Leyssen - 51N4E
Partner KU Leuven

Alliances for transformation and repurposing of the ASIAT site.

Redefining strategies for community-building within urban realities. How can Horst impact the long term development of the site, with the festival but also with the exhibition? What are implications - socially, spatially - and how can we stimulate the potential of this new site to be?

The Art Lab is divided into three different moments, each taking a closer look at a topic that concerns Horst, that is viable for the long term development of Asiat, and that links back to the broad contemporary art discourse.

Lab participants should have a proven interest and affiliation with community-building within urban realities, some professional background and/or a specific project willing to deepen out. 

Coaches & Guests

Dieter Leyssen

Dieter Leyssen holds a MSc in Architecture (KU Leuven) and is candidate MSc in City Making and Social Sciences (London School of Economics and Political Science). In practice and writing, he developed a specific interest in collaborative processes of city making. In 2012, he conducted a research by design together with Eva De Fré in which they addressed how planners, architects and policy makers could critically approach the process of gentrification in distressed urban areas. By pronouncing micro-economies and community networks between local residents and engaged newcomers as a main asset, the work focused on stimulating the positive potential of gentrification while preventing the negative consequences of the process, such as the dislocation of the poorest populations. In 2013 he became part of Brussels-based international practice 51N4E, where he is involved in various architectural and urban design projects. Since 2018 he has taught at the MSc in Architecture, Urban Project programme of the KU Leuven.


Enrollment Fee

60 euro


You're expected to arrange your own in and outbound transport to the lab location, Vilvoorde. All (local) transport during the class will be taken care of.


Not applicable.


Your enrollment fee includes welcome coffee, lunch and dinner


8th of August 10.00 - 21.00


All talks and workshops will be in English.


You’ll be part of a group of around 15 people, including 4-5 invited guest speakers, fellow-participants, the Horst staff and participating artists of the exhibition.


Your birthday should be on or before September 1, 2000.

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Application deadline: June 30 00:00