architects de vylder vinck taillieu

architects de vylder vinck taillieu

aDVVT is a Ghent-based architecture firm founded by Jan De Vylder, Inge Vinck en Jo Taillieu. It is one of the most distinguished and innovative architecture firms in Belgium, but the firm has also attracted considerable interest internationally. aDVVT has developed a rather fascinating (re)search-driven design method, in which the drawing, coincidence and the unexpected play a crucial role. In their projects, an existing context serves as a basis from which they craft unexpected design solutions with a keen eye for detail and construction.

For HORST '17, aDVVT is designing a second stage environment as an alternative to the castle’s courtyard, which will not be in use during this year’s festival as it has been closed off for security reasons.





08.09 — 09.09