Funkineven b2b Shanti Celeste

Funkineven b2b Shanti Celeste

West London born and raised, Stevie J aka Funkineven is no stranger to night life and sound system culture. From his Grenadian roots, through to the surroundings of Notting Hill Carnival, the speaker stacks and record crates were never too far away. Funkineven's music displays such a colourful and diverse palette of sounds, styles and tempi. Electronically fusing house, boogie, soul, hip hop and techno. With back-to-back tour dates lined-up, a monthly residence at NTS radio, Funkineven is embarking on a musical journey that is steadily gathering steam.

Shanti Celeste
Placed firmly at the epicentre of Bristol’s buoyant house music scene, Shanti Celeste has already proved her salt as a multi-talented artist. From her work as a producer, DJ, vocalist, label-owner and promoter, what’s strikingly clear from all of it is a connoisseur’s taste in house, disco, techno and electro that belies her young age. Earning her stripes working behind the counter at Bristolian record shopping institution “Idle Hands”, Chilean-born Celeste has gradually become one of the city’s finest purveyors of swung and funky electronic rhythms in a variety of guises. What’s apparent on all of Shanti’s own releases, is her passion for club tracks that not only make you dance, but have the power to unify a room.





08.09 — 09.09