“Fallen empires and refound desires”

The Exhibition infuses the publicly accessible terrain of ASIAT with in-situ commissioned works. With a strong focus on cross-disciplinary practices, hovering between artworks, collaborative projects, stage design, scenography and architecture. The Exhibition runs from mid-July until September, and is reconfigured for its final destination: the Festival.

The artistic program and participating artists will be announced by the end of April.

Our generation is getting ready, preparing itself, getting armed for the coming fall. Of the ecosystem, of capitalism, of an illusionary democracy, of humanity, of ethics? 

Rather than succumbing to a nihilistic cynicism, rather than surrendering to useless emptiness, this apocalyptic mood also entails the promise of a new start. Victims of Weltschmerz and melancholy become the winners of this new world order. They know how to deal with a fragmented worldview more than that they can accept a singular and centralized one. They operate within power relations that occur horizontally, and accept and even find richness in conflicting opinions. They rediscover nature, the organic, their own body, and a refound authenticity amidst an industrial wasteland filled with technological ruins, artificial intelligence, and claustrophobic algorithms. 

The exhibition at Horst brings together artists who are empowered by these changes, and who redefine their fear for the future as an exploratory optimism. The works and interventions touch upon the botanical, folkloric tales and oral traditions, ancient and contemporary myths, but also technology and the Anthropocene, collective transgression and the romance brought by decadence. 

ASIAT -  a former military terrain - counts as a symptomatic relic of the conservative status quo currently trying to protect its hegemony while crumbling down globally. This setting reminds of us this power structure long lost, irrelevant in today’s society, strengthening the self-confidence for this new agency and makeability. 

Participating artists - end of April


Dates & Opening hours

The exhibition runs from 14th of July until the 8th of September 2019.
The exhibition will be recontextualised and reopened for the festival on 13 - 14 - 15 of September 2019.

During the exhibition, the works are freely accessible 24 / 7.
During the festival you need a festival ticket to access the exhibition.

Guided tours

Guided tours are organized every Saturday and Sunday during the exhibition, they start at 15:00 and are free of charge. The meeting point is at the centrally located Paradeplein.


Vernissage takes place on July 14th and is framed with lectures and performances by various artists. Program to be announced on the website and social media.

Artist nights

These are a series of both public and private gatherings, talks, communal dinners and exchanges with a carefully curated selection of participants. The tackled topics align the preoccupations of Horst arts & music  with the specificity of ASIAT as a – to be developed – new part of the city. Artist nights takes place on 14.07 - 08.08 - 30.08.


Horst is located in Vilvoorde-North. The address is Kerkhofstraat 1, 1800 Vilvoorde, Belgium.

Vilvoorde-North comprises a strategically located zone north of the city. This to be developed district connects the city center, the Darse, and the Senne and encloses a potential, green recreation zone. The city of Vilvoorde recently purchased ASIAT, a former military terrain with iconic cooling towers as a backdrop. It's the first to be developed part of Vilvoorde-North.

ASIAT comprises 6 hectares of urban space with over twenty warehouses, all shaped in different sizes and arranged within a maze of corridors and urban rooms. The former defense workplace, nearby the Zenne with iconic cooling towers serving as a backdrop, will be reimagined to a new urban district of Vilvoorde - a suburb north of Brussels.

Not all parts of the terrain will be accessible during the festival. Please do not go wandering in closed-of areas or buildings.