We advise you to check-in at the campsite first and then enter the festival afterwards, as you won't be allowed on the festival terrain with all your campsite belongings.

The campsite opens Friday 10th of September at 14:00 and closes on Monday 13th of September 2020 at 12:00.

House Rules

Core principles: you can't bring everything to the campsite; you need a ticket to gain entrance to the campsite; please always follow instructions by staff and security; mind your surroundings and fellow festival visitors. Most of all, enjoy your stay.

Upon entering the campsite, you agree to conform to these rules.


Horst offers € 56 weekend camping tickets, this ticket includes 3 deluxe brunches.


The campsite has a designated parking area. Follow the indicated route to access the campsite parking space. Note that parking has to be paid upon arrival (€ 5).

Vans & campers

No vans, campers, caravans or cars are allowed on the campsite during the festival.

Food & Drinks

Food and drinks in glass containers are not allowed on the campsite. Horst offers a brunch for all campsite ticket holders. The festival holds a wide range of food and drinks.

Keep it clean

Upon entering the campsite you will be asked a € 5 eco deposit for a garbage kit. We’ll refund the eco deposit once you leave the campsite and hand in a full garbage bag along with your eco deposit ticket at the collection point. 

Please keep your camping spot clean. It’s easy if everyone does their share.

Reduce your impact

Be aware of your impact. Plan your trip ahead, don't leave stuff behind and dispose your waste properly. Respect the site and be considerate to other visitors and your environment.