Discover the Lab program and apply before July 12. Capacity is limited. 


Will Horst Arts & Music Festival 2020 take place?

Today it’s still not certain if we will be able to organize the festival, or in what form. We’re keeping as many options open to organize something within the given framework, which is deemed responsible and safe. Together with you, we will continue to monitor the situation and hope to receive further guidelines from the government soon.

In case of cancellation: what happens to my tickets?

In case of cancellation, tickets purchased for Horst Arts & Music Festival 2020 will be valid for next year's edition. All ticket holders will receive an email with more information as soon as we receive further guidelines from the government (also make sure to check the SPAM-folder).


Impact on the Lab

Due to the Covid-19 measures the Lab will be organised in a different way. The Lab will be divided into bubbles of up to maximum fifty people, including participants and coaches. These groups will each form separate social bubbles during the Lab week. All activities will be organised within this social bubble. Groups won't be put together, except in situations where a larger group is allowed because of social distance (1.5 meter) measures. Within this bubble participants and coaches don't need to wear a face mask.

You are not allowed to take part:

- If you are sick.
- If you have been sick in the 5 days leading up to the Lab.
- If you belong to a high-risk group.

Horst will make sure that everything is clean, there will be sanitizing gel and we'll make sure that indoor spaces will be aired out frequently.

Regarding travel regulations and restrictions we advise to look into the measures taken by your own specific government and act accordingly.

Restaurant Club

In order to open as safely as possible, we're instituting new safety guidelines.

What we're doing:

- We're providing personal protective equipment to all of our staff.
- We'll do a temperature check upon every staff member's arrival.
- We'll be using a table reservation system, so no ordering at the bar.
- We'll place tables at least 1.5 meters apart from each other.
- We'll provide plenty of hand sanitizer throughout the space.
- We'll disinfect common surfaces regularly and will disinfect tables and seats between seatings.

What we ask you to do:

- Protect yourself and others, stay home if you feel sick or unwell.
- Meet up beforehand and check-in when your bubble is complete.
- Respect social distance and keep 1.5m when queueing.
- Stay at your table. Unless you need to use the toilets or want to access the smoking section.
- Dancing isn't allowed. It's a restaurant environment, so please stay seated.
- Bring a face mask, these are necessary in case of emergency or evacuation.