Are my 2020 tickets valid for the 2021 festival edition?

Tickets purchased for Horst Arts & Music Festival 2020 edition, and the campsite, remain valid for this year's edition. Ticket holders are not required to take further action in order to gain access to Horst Arts & Music Festival 2021.

When will Horst Festival take place in 2021?

Horst Arts & Music Festival 2020 has been postponed to September 10, 11 & 12 in 2021.

I can’t make it to Horst Festival 2021 (Sept 10-11-12), what should I do?

If for a particular reason, you can't come to the festival in 2021, we will reschedule your ticket to the 2022 edition.

What if the 2021 edition can't happen because of Covid-19?

If you bought tickets for the 2021 festival edition, and it can't happen because of Covid-19, your tickets will automatically be transferred to the 2022 edition.