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Covid-19 Measures

Due to the Covid-19 measures the Lab will be organised in a different way. The Lab will be divided into bubbles of up to maximum fifty people, including participants and coaches. These groups will each form separate social bubbles during the Lab week. All activities will be organised within this social bubble. Groups won't be put together, except in situations where a larger group is allowed because of social distance (1.5 meter) measures. Within this bubble participants and coaches don't need to wear a face mask.

You are not allowed to take part:

- If you are sick.
- If you have been sick in the 5 days leading up to the Lab.
- If you belong to a high-risk group.

Horst will make sure that everything is clean, there will be sanitizing gel and we'll make sure that indoor spaces will be aired out frequently.

Regarding travel regulations and restrictions we advise to look into the measures taken by your own specific government and act accordingly.

What does a lab look like?

Every lab is shaped by an ambitious result or central topic that requires collaboration, debate and creativity. Together with a team of inspiring & international creatives you work towards a concrete project. These projects often have an outcome during the Festival or Exhibition. Depending on the project ambition, the lab is shaped accordingly.

Who can apply?

The Lab is divided in different workshops focusing on both artistic and creative industries. It's intended for anyone with a love for arts, architecture, music and a desire to be involved in its evolution.

We're looking for people with a passion for learning and sharing, enthusiasm and interest across industries and a truly global, open-minded perspective. Whatever your profile is, you will be considered based on your application form.

Additionally, we would like to stress that we value the perspectives, voices, and insights from people of diverse backgrounds and are committed to building a culturally diverse movement. We strongly encourage applications from people of colour, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ candidates and others who are underrepresented in the arts and culture sector.

The application

All applicants need to fill out a questionnaire, ranging from personal philosophies to motivation, personal experience and track record. You can attach a portfolio to emphasize your skills or ideas. Choose something that you're the most proud of and tells who you are.

Apply before July 12 2020, 23:59.
Selected applicants will be informed on July 14.

Enrollment fee & Bursary

The enrollment fee (€ 350) covers the program cost, ground transport, food (breakfast, lunch & dinner) and the basic sanitation and other mandatory stuff to keep the Lab running for 8 days. It also includes a weekend ticket for the festival (no camping).

We offer a limited amount of bursaries to Lab participants. The enrollment fee then reduces to € 150 euro (amount of the food cost) instead of € 350. If you would like to apply for a bursary, please inform us on your current employment status, your living situation (with parents, by yourself, other, …) and if you have received (student) bursaries before. And please let us know why you believe you're eligible for a bursary.

An elaborate and insightful response helps the assessment of this question. All of the shared information will be handled with the utmost respect of your privacy.

If you already applied and also want to apply for a bursary, please share us the above info via this e-mail.


We offer a spacious and clean warehouse to set up your tent. You can also rent a cardboard tent and double air mattress (€ 50) if you prefer.


You're expected to arrange your own in and outbound transport to the Lab location, Vilvoorde. All local transport during the Lab will be taken care of.

There is a train going from Brussels National Airport (Zaventem) to Brussels-North Station every 10 minutes between 5am and midnight, 7 days a week. The ride takes 18 minutes and costs € 12,70.

Try to avoid booking inbound flights to the Brussels South airport (Charleroi) as you’ll need to take an airport operated shuttle bus to Brussels-Midi Station before taking the train to Brussels-North Station.

There is a frequent connection between all major cities and Vilvoorde. Trains to Vilvoorde run every 15 minutes from Brussels-North Station and every 20 minutes from Antwerp Central Station.

In Vilvoorde Station, you can take the 280 or 282 De Lijn bus to Vilvoorde Kerkhof, the bus stop closest to Asiat.


Your enrollment fee includes a vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Every lab holds 25 participants. You'll be carefully selected and put in a diverse group of people both local, national and international. Your birthday should be on or before September 1, 2001.


The main spoken language during the labs is English.