Restaurant Club tickets for August available now. 


Restaurant Club - Covid-19 Measures

In order to open as safely as possible, we're instituting new safety guidelines.

What we're doing:

- We're providing personal protective equipment to all of our staff.
- We'll be using a table reservation system, so no ordering at the bar.
- We'll place tables at least 1.5 meters apart from each other.
- We'll provide plenty of hand sanitizer throughout the space.
- We'll disinfect common surfaces regularly and will disinfect tables and seats between seatings.

What we ask you to do:

- Protect yourself and others, stay home if you feel sick or unwell.
- Wear a face mask at all times. When arriving, if you leave your table, when going outside for a toilet visit or a smoke. This only changes when you are at your table.
- Meet up beforehand and check-in when your bubble is complete.
- Dancing is strictly forbidden.
- Respect social distance and keep 1.5m with other bubbles/tables.​​​​​​​

Restaurant Club - Menu

Marinated olives with red onion and sumac
Dhal tadka (red lentil cream with a tadka of almond and onion)
Lebanese bread

Mains as chef's table (to share)
Kochari (rice dish with vermicelli, edamame, peas, caramelised onions, garlic, cumin, fennel seeds, chili)
Massala vegetarian curry (zucchini, potherbs, chickpeas)
Feta filo pastry (feta, spices, nuts) > kunnen ze zeggen welke noten?
Raïta (cucumber, mint, yoghurt, ginger)
Kohlrabi salad with wasabi dressing
Roasted chicken in massala marinade

Poached fruits with crunchy crumble

Restaurant Club - Timing

The Restaurant Club opens at 18:00, we strongly advise to arrive before 19:00. The evening schedule looks like this:

18:00 - 19:00 Arrival
19:00 - 20:00 Starter
20:00 - 21:00 Dinner
21:00 - 22:00 Desert
00:30 Last round
00:45 End music
01:00 Goodbye

Performances end at 23:30 which leaves you enough time to catch your last train home.

Transport & Address

Horst promotes public transport as the main option to travel to and from the Asiat-site. Trains to Vilvoorde run every 15 minutes from Brussels-North Station and every 20 minutes from Antwerp Central Station. Train service, depending on your destination, stops around 00:00.

Biking to Asiat is easy. Rent a Bluebike at the station and park nearby the main entrance. Or take your own bike on the train, it's free this summer.

Horst is reachable by car. The address is Mechelsesteenweg 255, 1800 Vilvoorde.

Uber operates in and around the Brussels area. Vilvoorde falls within this Uber serviced area. There's a designated area nearby the entrance to arrange pick-up & drop-off.

Sleeping Concerts - Practicals

Doors open at 21:00. When arrived at Asiat, simply follow the signage for the Restaurant Club.


- Bring your own sleeping bag, bed sheet and pillow.
- There are no showers, you can brush your teeth in the bathroom.
- The bar closes at 01:00 , water remains available throughout the night.
- Breakfast is available from 07:00, you eat warm and safely in bed.
- Charge your mobile phone at home.