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North of Brussels

We blend arts, architecture & music in an immersive three-day festival experience.

The first edition at our new home ASIAT, a former military site with two iconic cooling towers as a backdrop, was met with raving reviews.

Building on the insights of the past years, this new Horst year places conscious attendance and activism at heart. This 2021 edition includes three days of festival and over seventy artists, ranging from well known fan favourites to up and coming scene innovators. Once again, Horst aims to provide a platform to groundbreaking electronic music in all its aspects.

Jeff Mills

Spearheading the first line-up announcement is Jeff Mills, who is one of the founding fathers of techno. Yet his career reaches much further than simply techno music. He has transcended disciplines through a large number of collaborative projects in contemporary art. Whether it’s his ever minimal yet highly complex live sets, his re-scoring of Fritz Lang’s 'Metropolis' or his multimedia revisiting of 'The Rings Of Saturn', Jeff Mills always treads a careful line between dance music and art.

Relive Horst `19



ASIAT is the former Arsenal of Instruments and Equipment for Telecommunication, which operated from 1946 to 2008. The terrain housed soldiers who were responsible for the production of components for military telecommunication. Over time ASIAT's vast warehouses, efficient barracks and spacious driving courts have been taken over by nature. A recent acquisition by the City of Vilvoorde triggered a partnership with Horst to stimulate the development of ASIAT in a longer-term collaboration.


Artists and architects from various backgrounds, and with diverging practices, are commissioned to conceive new projects. Together with Horst they design & build innovative dancefloors, amplifying ASIAT's current reality and future potential. We see them as the mediators between the terrain and its users, housing the energy and bewilderment of Horst.



The Horst campsite includes all amenities and a daily, deluxe brunch. We believe that sharing a meal initiates meaningful debates & new encounters. When likeminded people from around the globe set camp for their three-day stay, this offers the opportunity to connect & develop a community that talks, laughs & dances collectively.