Applications for Horst Labs are now open. Apply before May 29.   
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In partnership
with KU Leuven

The Lab is a platform for experiment, co-creation and creative talent development.

It is a setting in which influential creatives, pioneers and outcasts inspire the next generation of young creatives to unlock new frontiers and unravel their own creative talent.

This year, a series of four Labs will open to over 100 international young creatives from all backgrounds. It is intended to anyone with a passion for learning, sharing, and a desire to be involved in the evolution of artistic and creative industries. 

The Labs are intended for anyone with a love for arts, architecture, design, music and a desire to be involved in its evolution.



What does a lab look like?

Every lab is shaped by an ambitious result that requires collaboration and creativity. Together with a team of inspiring & international creatives you work towards a concrete project. These projects often have an outcome during the festival or exhibition. Depending on the project ambition, the lab is shaped accordingly.

The lab is designed to inspire and develop its participants, it's celebrated with a public momentum.

The Labs for Architecure, Design and Music will take place between the 3rd of July and the 14th of July with starting dates varying depending on the lab. The Art Lab is divided into three moments: 25.05, 08.08 and 28.08.

Who can apply?

The lab is divided in different classes focussing on both artistic and creative industries. It's intended for anyone with a love for arts, architecture, design, music and a desire to be involved in its evolution.

We're for looking for people with a passion for learning and sharing, enthusiasm and interest across industries and a truly global, open-minded perspective. Whatever your profile is, you will be considered based on your application form.

The application

All applicants need to fill out a questionnaire, ranging from personal philosophies to motivation, personal experience and track record. You can attach a portfolio to emphasize your skills or ideas, choose something that you're the most proud of.

The application process starts mid-May and is open for 14 days. Selected participants will be notified at the beginning of June.

Enrollment fee

The enrollment fee is € 100 and includes ground transport, breakfast, lunch, dinner and accommodation. This doesn't apply for the Art Labs. The enrollment fee for each Art Lab moment is € 60, including welcome coffee, lunch and dinner. 


You're expected to arrange your own in and outbound transport to the lab location, Vilvoorde. All (local) transport during the class will be taken care of.


Your enrollment fee includes accommodation, you might be asked to bring certain necessities such as a sleeping bag or sheets. More info will follow soon. This doesn't apply for the Art Labs. The Art Lab moments don't require accomodation, but we'll give you suggestions on where to sleep close to Vilvoorde/Bussels. 


Your enrollment fee includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.


The amount of participants varies per workshop. You'll be carefully selected and diverse group of people both local, national and international. Your birthday should be on or before September 1, 2000.


The main spoken language during the labs is English.