Joining forces: building resilient nightlife communities

Horst Digital Lab
Joining forces: building resilient nightlife communities


11 - 13 December 2020.


The digital Lab will be broadcasted through a closed online platform. You need to buy a ticket to receive a unique web login. 


Joining forces: building resilient nightlife communities


Lutz Leichsenring, Eris Drew, Carin Abdulá, Liese Kingma, Cornelius Harris, Dee Diggs, Jean-Hugues Kabuiku, Kajetan Lukomski, Bogomir Doringer, Souria Cheurfi, Zelda Fitzgerald, Hülya Ertas, Jozef Wouters, Eamon Harkin, Authentically Plastic, Jonas Rutgeerts and many others.


KU Leuven, Nachtplan & Stad Leuven.


Tickets cost € 35 and include a list of needed materials to experience the Lab to the fullest. In addition, a grant is provided if suffering financial hardship, please reach out to to apply for the grant. 

Horst Digital Lab

Do you remember dancing together? Pounding beats in our ears, the smell of mingled sweat, the mind-inducing catharsis? It’s harsh, we know. Depending on where in the world you are right now, you may be social distancing, in self-isolation, or on total lockdown. But whoever we are and wherever we are, none of us are immune to loneliness, the stress of Covid-19 or a potential boreout.

If one positive thing has come out of this pandemic, it is the explosion of a new digital cultural landscape, and the opportunity to pause, reflect, and disconnect. As our clubbing  hiatus will be extended for a while longer, we’re proposing the option of bringing a bit of nightlife into your home.

The Horst digital Lab is a three-day intense & multidisciplinary weekender where we offer inspiration, togetherness and playfulness. It's best when experienced collectively. We want to stimulate connection and interaction with the ones who are close to you.

The digital Lab explores various topics through five in-depth panels which are alternated with a variety of outdoor activities, performative experiences, screenings, interviews and DJ-sets.

Panel discussions 

→ Determining the societal importance of nightlife
→ Enhancing personal and collective wellbeing through nightlife
→ Decolonising music & nightlife culture
→ Becoming a real community
→ The architecture & design of the future club

Conference speakers & performances


Co-founder of VibeLab and Creative Footprint, one of the world's leading authorities on protecting the nighttime economy, community and culture


Head Agent at Outer Agency


DJ, co-founder of Nowadays, Mister Saturday Night in New York


ANTI-MASS Founder, Nyege Nyege affiliate


DJ, Recording Artist, Radio Presenter, T4T LUV NRG


Underground Resistance label manager


Artist, scenographer and Decoratelier founder


DJ & selectress


Proud member of the Oramics and Ciężki Brokat crews, co-creator of Radio Kapitał, Polish ambassador for Keychange


Artist, researcher and curator


For All Queens chairlady


Curator, DJ and promotor part of both Bledarte and Leaving Living Dakota


Advocating diversity for KU Leuven through the Undivided platform, Young European of the Year in 2017


Researcher & curator


VICE Belgium’s Editor-in-chief


KU Leuven researcher, Editor-in-chief of the monthly XXI Architecture and Design Magazine


Journalist for Resident Advisor, Mixmag & The Wire Magazine


Also known as DJ Winggold and founder of Unbound Events, a London-based events platform using music as a vehicle through which to spread positivity and compassion-based values.


KU Leuven & Nachtplan researcher


KU Leuven research professor at the Center for Social and Cultural Psychology


they/them, artist, pleasure scholar, Black Power Naps