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Post Constructivism

Architecture Lab
Post Constructivism


1 - 9 August 2020


Vilvoorde, Belgium


What about the afterlife of temporary architecture?


Leopold Banchini Architects, BC Architects - Studies & Materials (Wes Degreef, Ken De Cooman), 51N4E (Olivier Cavens).


KU Leuven


The lab costs € 350 per participant.

Geneva-based architects Leopold Banchini designed a new pavilion, re-using the materials of the 2019 Feathers stage designed by the Portugese fala atelier. The multidisciplinary firm wants to take on the opportunity to focus on circular principles of temporary architecture and the re-use of the available materials as a base for architectural expression.

Starting from an exercise in taxonomy, an intimate hut for ritual conversations is designed from these components. In addition a public pizza and bread oven will be built, to stimulate the informal use of this pavilion as a meeting place. The oven will be constructed with earth materials, in coordination with BC Architects.

The Lab will be framed with visits to Brussels-based architecture practice BC Architects and to the construction site of the WTC Towers, Belgium's biggest circular architecture project led by the 51N4E.

Ambitions of the Architecture Lab

Through co-creating and building a pavilion with circular materials, you learn how architecture can become more sustainable, you meet likeminded people and you develop your personal self.



Multidisciplinary research team exploring the frontiers of space shaping. Deliberately ignoring borders and embracing globality, it aims to expand the traditional definitions of project making using DIY culture and eclecticism as a means of emancipation.


BC Architects, Studies and Materials work from an ecologically aware optimism, they thoroughly research materials, invest in circular logic and stimulate co-creation while trying to transform the entire construction sector along the way.


Brussels-based international practice dealing with matters of architectural design, concept development and strategic spatial transformations.

Apply before July 12 2020, 23:59.
Selected applications will be informed on July 14.