Picture by Kasia Zacharko.

Horst is a movement dedicated to developing talent, cities & spaces. We blend & celebrate the worlds of arts, architecture & music. We build Labs, Exhibitions, and Festivals as momentums for the better.

Horst originated in 2014 on the site of the Horst Castle in Holsbeek. Over the years, it grew into an internationally renowned platform for cutting-edge electronic music and inventive in-situ art and architecture.


Horst aligns a three-day immersive music festival with longer-term trajectories in which architects are invited to create unique stages and dance floors, and in which contemporary artists are commissioned to enter into dialogue with their surroundings through site-specific new productions.

In 2019, Horst Arts & Music moved to ASIAT, Vilvoorde, and expanded its activities by pushing the crossdisciplinary agenda, collaborating with a new curator, and installing the Lab-trajectory to inspire the next generation of young creatives and unravel their own talent.

Picture by Kasia Zacharko.

At ASIAT - a former military terrain currently being reimagined as a new urban district - Horst shapes and envisions potential futures. We examine how art, architecture, and music activate a city, its inhabitants and nurture its bottom-up development. As a catalyst of artistic experiments, Horst stimulates urban spaces in transition. With a practice that includes theoretical and self-reflexive research, as well as artistic physical output, Horst generates dynamic, attractive and accessible public spaces. In this borough of Vilvoorde, somewhat 10 km north from Brussels, Horst unearths the potential of art in public space and community-oriented collabs.

Horst takes place outside the usual hotspots for arts in Flanders and Belgium, but strives to introduce a high-quality artistic experience to a wide audience. This urge to activate the periphery stands in close dialogue with wanting to present contemporary art outside of its conditioned white cube context, thus addressing more diverse audiences.

Picture by Kasia Zacharko.

The three-day music festival, with an experimental curated selection of newcomers alongside solid fixtures of the electronic music scene, has the ambition to transform ASIAT into a dynamic and explosive site, resonating with all kinds of audiences. It wants to show the potential of rave as a regenerative force, as a trigger for solidarity and congeniality, and as a reminder to join forces.