Restaurant Club tickets for August available now. 

Enrollment fee & Bursary

The enrollment fee (€ 350) covers the program cost, ground transport, food (breakfast, lunch & dinner) and the basic sanitation and other mandatory stuff to keep the Lab running for 8 days. It also includes a weekend ticket for the festival (no camping).

We offer a limited amount of bursaries to Lab participants. The enrollment fee then reduces to € 150 euro (amount of the food cost) instead of € 350. If you would like to apply for a bursary, please inform us on your current employment status, your living situation (with parents, by yourself, other, …) and if you have received (student) bursaries before. And please let us know why you believe you're eligible for a bursary.

An elaborate and insightful response helps the assessment of this question. All of the shared information will be handled with the utmost respect of your privacy.

If you already applied and also want to apply for a bursary, please share us the above info via this e-mail.