Restaurant Club tickets for August available now. 

Restaurant Club

In order to open as safely as possible, we're instituting new safety guidelines.

What we're doing:

- We're providing personal protective equipment to all of our staff.
- We'll do a temperature check upon every staff member's arrival.
- We'll be using a table reservation system, so no ordering at the bar.
- We'll place tables at least 1.5 meters apart from each other.
- We'll provide plenty of hand sanitizer throughout the space.
- We'll disinfect common surfaces regularly and will disinfect tables and seats between seatings.

What we ask you to do:

- Protect yourself and others, stay home if you feel sick or unwell.
- Wear a face mask at all times. When arriving, if you leave your table, when going outside for a toilet visit or a smoke. This only changes when you are at your table.
- Meet up beforehand and check-in when your bubble is complete.
- Dancing is strictly forbidden.
- Respect social distance and keep 1.5m with other bubbles/tables.​​​​​​​