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Anne Pontégnie

AP Office is the professional continuation of Anne Pontégnie’s experience of many years as curator and art critic. Pontégnie created AP Office to answer the need of a more integrated conversation between actors in the field of contemporary art. The office assembles a strong, international network of specialists, ranging from theoreticians to technicians, from artists to curators.

Anne Pontégnie is curator-at-large for Le Consortium (Dijon) and curator for the Cranford Collection (London). Prior to that, she was chief curator at Wiels (Brussels), an institution she founded together with Dirk Snauwaert. She curated numerous solo exhibitions with artists, such as Mike Kelley, Daan Van Golden, Kelley Walker, Edith Dekyndt, Roe Ethridge and Mark Leckey. She has expertise in different exhibition formats as co-producer or artistic director, such as the Biennale de Lyon (2003), the Printemps de Septembre (Toulouse, 2011) and large exhibition projects within the context of Nancy 2005 and Marseille-Provence 2013. Anne Pontégnie has participated in a number of alternative productions, such as the Nouveaux Commanditaires and Microproductions. She has written numerous articles and essays for renowned international art magazines and has edited catalogues for Christopher Wool, Kelley Walker, Daan Van Golden and others.