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BC Materials (Wes De Greef & Ken De Cooman)

BC Materials transforms excavated earth of construction sites into building materials.

Building in itself is one of the most polluting human activities, being responsible for 30% of carbon emissions, air pollution, material resource use, and 75% of total waste production, while only bringing in an estimated 4% of GDP.

BC Materials wants to help contractors, architects and clients to achieve their climate targets, and improve the indoor living quality of their projects. BC transforms pure earth of construction sites to local building materials such as clay plasters, compressed earth blocks and rammed earth for walls and floors. These products are circular, carbon neutral, healthy and possess minimal grey energy.

BC Architects - Materials & Studies hold their own factory hall in Brussels, where they produce stock. But they can also work on partnering sites, thanks to their own mobile and flexible production units. In this way, the logistics and the infrastructure of BC Materials always stays near the resources: transport is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Wes is teaching at KU Leuven, and Ken is involved in the research ‘Solidary Mobile Housing’ at KU Leuven.