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Horst is a movement dedicated to developing talent, cities & spaces. 

The end is never the end. It’s always a new beginning. 

The next Horst chapter builds on the insights from over the past five years but will touch wider than ever before. As a first expression of our renewed purpose, Horst will unfold into a cutting-edge Lab, an Exhibition with new in-situ artwork and an immersive three-day Festival. With these initiatives we strive to develop young creative talent and positively impact spaces and cities where we operate. All of this by employing art & music as catalysts.

The new Horst will arise in Vilvoorde-North.

  The next years will see Horst manifest itself through different formats and initiatives. A first expression of this new ambition is the addition of the Lab. A platform for experiment, co-creation and creative talent development. A setting in which influential creatives, pioneers and outcasts inspire the next generation of young creatives to unlock new frontiers and unravel their own creative talent.

  The Exhibition features commissioned in-situ work in public space and focuses on cross-disciplinary practices, hovering between autonomous artworks, community projects, inventive stage design, scenography and architecture. The Festival counts as the final destination of the artistic itinerary. It celebrates arts & music in an intense collective experience. 

  In 2019 Horst will focus on ASIAT - a former military site with two iconic cooling towers as a backdrop - and part of Vilvoorde-North. The ambitions for the site share a common ground with Horst's mission to develop spaces and cities. In time it will grow into a new city district. Horst will use art, architecture and music as instruments to activate a district in transition and stimulate the development of Vilvoorde-North.

  The ASIAT site comprises 6 hectares of urban space, with over twenty warehouses, all shaped in different sizes and arranged within a maze of corridors, green rooms and two iconic cooling towers as a backdrop. It is the ultimate, blank canvas for Horst. A space to be activated and infused with artistic and urban initiatives.