A growth in ambition, detail and program

In 2015, the second edition, Horst invited a selection of artists and designers to create art that makes use of the context, namely that of the historic and rural character of the castle, but also that of the two day music festival. The festival dedicated itself to present various pieces of art, each within its own tempo, ranging from digital, performance or video art to sculptures and temporary installations.

Invited artists were pioneering architectural duo Robbrecht & Daem, Lodewijk Heylen, video artist Alexandra Crouwers, sculptor Kaspar Hamacher, architectural collective 88888, architect-artists Wim Goossens & Arnaud Hendrickx and light artists Children of the Light and Koen Sels.

In 2015 we expanded musically as well and programmed two equal stages with a variety of adventurous, leftfield names in electronic music. HORST looked into the scenes of leading music capitals and kept its ears both in old and new. Among them were: DJ EZ, Benji B, Gerd Janson, Job Jobse, Tom Trago, Jeremy Underground, Tama Sumo & Lakuti, Oneman, Palms Trax, Sinjin Hawke & Zorah Jones, FaltyDL and many others.

Castra by Robbrecht & Daem
Castra by Robbrecht & Daem
Castra by Robbrecht & Daem
Kdrsjt by Koen Sels
Diaspositive by Children of the Light
Wim Goossens & Arnaud Hendrickx
Untitled by 88888