In 2022, Horst Arts & Music marked the start of the festival season by swapping the September weekend at the end of summer for an early May weekend for the first time ever. At the core of this year's edition were constructive collaborations from close and afar, and further nourishing the exchange and inspiration between the worlds of music and art.

Horst aimed to take up a connecting role within the increasingly polarizing society where the battle for 'right or wrong' has never been fought as fiercely as in 2022. In that world, Horst believes in the power of collaboration in order to gain new insights and constructively learn from each other. As a growing, but now renowned arts and music festival, it aimes to be a catalyst for various collaborative projects, both on the Asiat site and beyond.

For example, the Brussels art center KANAL - Centre Pompidou will take a seat at the table for the Horst Exhibition, making it a co-curated exhibition for the first time ever. For the musical side of things, Horst once again teamed up with Kiosk Radio for the curation of the Moon-Ra stage by Leopold Banchini.


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'The Act of Breathing' was Horst Arts & Music's first ever co-curated exhibition. We teamed up with KANAL-Centre Pompidou, welcoming Sorana Munsya to curate alongside Horst’s Evelyn Simons to bring a challenging line-up of artists to Belgium. The result consisted of 11 in-situ artworks engaging with the architectural and symbolic character of the Asiat military base, while three other artists came together at Cinematek to with a film programme curated by Monique Mbeka Phoba.

Asiat, Vilvoorde:

Maika Garnica
Kris Lemsalu
Soraya Lutangu Bonaventure & Ali-Eddine Abdelkhalek
Michèle Magema
Hadassa Ngamba
Anthony Ngoya
Benjamin Orlow
Leonard Pongo
Laure Prouvost
Pascale Marthine Tayou

Cinematek, with the support of Bozar - Brussels:

Jean Kabuta
Agnès Lalau
Mega Mingiedi

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As befits the Horst DNA, the 5 festival stages in 2022 were once again designed through an artistic and architectural point of view. At Horst, the purpose of festival stages is continuously questioned and stages are designed to function as meeting places, each holding a unique clubbing experience. New this year was a dedicated listening space. A space with the pure experience of listening at its core, far away from the thriving kick-drums and bass lines.

JAM Studio
Leopold Banchini
Marinella Senatore

Like every other year, Horst Arts & Music collaborated with new architects to liven up the Asiat-site with bewildering stages. Horst invited Salottobuono to re-use the structure of the greenhouse while redesigning the roof cover as well as the stage and dance floor below. On the other hand, the growing practice from Brussel Traumnovelle designed the temporary three-day mainstage.

London based JAM created an immersive listening space for Horst, experimenting with the idea of loops and cycles within ambient composition and how they are reflected physically. The Antwerp & London Brussels based artist Laure Prouvost set the scene for a brand new stage in one of the industrial warehouse rooms at Asiat.



Akua. Alex Sourbis. AliA. Alison Swing. Aroh. Aso Asin. Azo & Fais Le Beau. Bibi Seck. Black Cadmium. Blackhaine (live). Blawan (live). Bonaventure. Catalina. CCL. Cheb Runner. Chiara Giordano. Christian AB. Clara! (live). Cleveland. Coline Cornélis. D.Dan. DJ Athome. DJ Fett Burger. DJ Rino. Donna Leake. Dr. Rubinstein & Freddy K. Driss Bennis. DTM Funk. DVS1. Elkka. Emily Jeanne. Eris Drew & Octo Octa. Eternal Love. FAUZIA (live). FOR ALL QUEENS!. Francesco Del Garda. Gabrielle Kwarteng. GiGi FM. Gurl. Hill Men. HMT Hard Cru. Hunee. Islas. Jonny Rock. jujulove. J-Zbel. Kato De Vidts. Kim Kenis. Kléo. Kn1ps. La Dame. Lefto Early Bird. Le Motel. LSDXOXO. Lux18 & Antoine 80. M. Bootyspoon. Mad Professor (Dub Show). Mala & Coki (Digital Mystikz). McBain & Captain Starlight. Midland. Mika Oki. Mike DMA. ​​OJOO GYAL. Otis. Palms Trax. Paula Tape. Personal Music Assistants. re:ni. Rey Colino. Roi Perez. Roméo Poirier (live). Roza Terenzi & D.Tiffany. Rrita Jashari. Sagat. Session 4000. Shackleton & Zimpel (live). Shy One. SiSi. Sixsixsixties. SKY H1 (live). Sleep D (live). Slomo Sean. Soumaya Phéline. Space Afrika (live). Sugar Free. Sundae Sue. Sunju Hargun. Tama Sumo & Lakuti. Teki Latex. Timmerman. Torus. Ugne & Maria. UNIIQU3 (dj set). upsammy. Walrus. WaqWaq Kingdom (live). Yung Singh. Ziúr & Kiani Del Valle (live). Zouzibabe.


Visual identity by Ronny & Johny
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